“The BocceBeam laser device was a hit. People couldn’t wait to try it out.  It took all of the arguing out of the game.“
  - Charlie C.

“Years ago a couple of us started a Bocce league… now expanded to over 300 players and 18 teams. When the BocceBeam came along we finally found the ideal and precise method of measurement. Distances are quickly established to hundredths of an inch.”
- Lee/Solvang

“BocceBeam...the problem solver.  In my role as Commissioner of the Santa Ynez Bocce League I was responsible for addressing and resolving many issues. The issue with the “loudest noise” level was always about measurements; who is closer, who has the point. Welcome the BocceBeam; an accurate laser device that gives you the exact distance and keeps everyone happy.  It truly improved the quality of the games. A worthy investment for game happiness.”
- Jerry Fiore   www.syvbocce.com