Bocce Beam

The patented* BocceBeam design consists of two rugged components: a stainless steel base unit and a precision laser measuring tool.

The heavy stainless steel base unit is machined for use with a 50mm/2in pallino (included). It allows the user to clearly see the pallino and precisely locate the center without touching or moving it.

The Bosch Tool Corp. laser unit quickly obtains exact measurements over a broad range of distances. Two readings (A and B) are displayed simultaneously on the screen for easy comparison to determine the closest (scoring) ball.

*US Patent No. 9194695

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Laser Unit

Comparative accuracy <1mm
Range 3.5in (8cm) to 50ft (15m)
Laser Class 2/Type 635nm
2 AAA batteries

Base Unit

Stainless Steel
Use with 50mm (2in.) pallino- included
Made in USA